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•Task Cards: Anger Management

-For adults

•Task Cards: Anger Management

-For teens

•Handout: Anger Rules

•Worksheet: Anger Warning Signs
Worksheet: Consequences
•Worksheet: External & Internal Triggers 
•Worksheet: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Anger 

•Worksheet: I Struggle To/With…
•Worksheet: Levels of Anger
•Worksheet: Trigger-Response


Guide: Introduction to Anger

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Anger Coping Skills 

•Supplemental material: Link to Relaxation Scripts

Guide: Journal Topics

Guide: My Anger 

•Supplemental material: Activity: My Anger

Guide: Resentment

•Supplemental material: Handout: Resentment

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Resentment

Guide: Riding the Wave

•Supplemental material: Activity: Riding the Wave

Guide: Self-Talk

•Supplemental material: Handout: Positive vs. Negative Self-Talk

Guide: The A-B-C-D Model 

•Supplemental material: Handout: The A-B-C-D Model

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Applying The A-B-C-D Model

Guide: The “Umbrella” Emotion

•Supplemental material: Handout: Anger= “Umbrella” Emotion 


•”My Mantra” Cards 

•Handout: Remember to Breathe! 

Worksheet: Anxiety Feels Like…
•Worksheet: Anxiety Tracker
•Worksheet: Anxious Thought & How to Challenge/Cope 

Worksheet: Are My Anxious Thoughts True?
Worksheet: Handling Anxiety
•Worksheet: My Anxiety Triggers
•Worksheet: My Mantra
Worksheet: My Stressors
•Worksheet: Stress Reactions 
Worksheet: The “5 Senses” Exercise
•Worksheet: The Clutter in my Mind 
•Worksheet: Things I Need To Let Go Of 


Guide: 3 Simple Steps to Manage Anxiety

•Supplemental material: Handout: The 3 Steps 

•Supplemental material: Link to Relaxation Scripts & Breathing Exercises

Guide: Don’t Fear Your Fears!

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Situations I Fear

Guide: Factors That Lead to Anxiety

•Supplemental material: Link to Relaxation Scripts

Guide: Is This Worry Worth my Time?

•Supplemental material: Handout: Quotes 

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: How to Approach Our Anxious Thoughts 

Guide: Journal Topics

Guide: Leaving My “Comfort Zone”

•Supplemental material: Handout: Overcoming Your Fear of Leaving “Comfort Zone” 

Guide: Managing Stress

•Supplemental material: Handout: Ways to Manage Stress 

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: How Do You Know When You Are Stressed?

Guide: Managing Triggers

•Supplemental material: Triggers 

Guide: Overthinking

•Supplemental material: Handout: Am I an Overthinker?

Guide: What I Can and Cannot Control

•Supplemental material: Handout: Serenity Prayer

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: What I Can and Cannot Control


Worksheet: Mood Tracker 
•Worksheet: My Warning Signs


Guide: Mood Swings

•Supplemental material: Handout: Managing Mood Swings

•Supplemental material: Handout: Manic vs. Depressive State 

♦Cognitive Distortions
*has CBT & DBT focused material

Task Cards: Cognitive Distortions 

-For adults

Task Cards: Cognitive Distortions

-For teens

•Task Cards: Flexible Mindset

-For adults

•Task Cards: Flexible Mindset

-For teens

•Worksheet: Acceptance 
Worksheet: CBT Practice V. 1
•Worksheet: CBT Practice V. 2
•Worksheet: Challenging Thoughts 
Worksheet: Cognitive Distortions
•Worksheet: Myths We Hold
•Worksheet: New Thought + Evidence
•Worksheet: Restructure Thought 

•Worksheet: Self-Destructive Cycle
•Worksheet: Thought-Core Belief
•Worksheet: Thought-Distortion-Response
•Worksheet: Thought-Emotion 

Worksheet: Tracking Thoughts


Guide: Challenging Cognitive Distortions

•Supplemental material: Link to “Cognitive Therapy Techniques to Change Your Thoughts”

Guide: Challenging Cognitive Distortions #2

•Supplemental material: Handout: Questions to Challenge Cognitive Distortions 

Guide: Core Beliefs

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Identifying Our Core Beliefs

Guide: Definitions & Examples

•Supplemental material: Handout: Definitions 

Guide: Overreacting

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Catastrophizing 

Guide: Perfectionism

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My High Standards

Guide: Replacing Automatic Thoughts

•Supplemental material: Link to “Automatic Thoughts”

Guide: The A-B-C-D Model

•Supplemental material: Handout: The A-B-C-D Model

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Applying The A-B-C-D Model

•Also under “Anger”

Guide: The Dangers of Labeling

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Labeling

Guide: The Judgmental Mind

•Supplemental material: Handout: Quote

•Supplemental material: Handout: Tackling Distorted Thoughts (About Ourselves)

Guide: The Wise Mind 

•Supplemental material: Handout: The Wise Mind

•Supplemental material:  Worksheet: The Wise Mind

•Supplemental material: Link to Meditation Scripts

Guide: Using Mindfulness

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Observing Our Thoughts 


Task Cards: Communication Skills

•Handout: “You” Statements vs “I” Statements (Examples) 

•Worksheet: I Struggle To Communicate With…
•Worksheet: Practicing “I” Statements V. 1
•Worksheet: Practicing “I” Statements V. 2 

•Worksheet: The “Sandwich Technique”
•Worksheet: What Is Said vs. What I Hear 


Guide: Communication Styles

•Supplemental material: Link to “The Four Basic Styles of Communication”

Guide: The 5 Love Languages

•Supplemental material: Link to “Five Love Languages Summary” & “Love Language Quiz”

Guide: The Drawing Game


Task Cards: Conflict-Resolution

-For teens

•Task Cards: Peer Pressure 

-For teens

•Worksheet: Choice/Solution Pros & Cons 
•Worksheet: Conflict & Compromise
•Worksheet: De-Escalation
•Worksheet: Dilemma and Choices 
•Worksheet: Fair Fighting Rules
•Worksheet: Steps I Can Take to Resolve Conflict 

•Worksheet: The Do’s & Don’ts of Conflict


Guide: Conflict-Resolution Tips

•Supplemental material: Handout: Conflict-Resolution Tips 

Guide: Effective vs. Ineffective Responses 

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Conflict-Response-Consequences

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Effective vs. Ineffective Responses (Version for Adults)

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Effective vs. Ineffective Responses (Version for Teens)

♦Coping Skills

Task Cards: Mindfulness 

•Coping Skill Cards

•Misc. Journal Prompts 

•Handout: List of Coping Skills 

•Worksheet: Emotions 
•Worksheet: How I Cope
•Worksheet: My Go-To Coping Skills 

•Worksheet: My Support System
•Worksheet: Old vs. New Coping Skills 

•Worksheet: Relapse Prevention Plan
•Worksheet: Trigger-Plan-Obstacles


Guide: Art

Guide: Art #2

Guide: Breathing Exercises, PMR, and Guided Imagery

•Supplemental material: Link to Relaxation Scripts

Guide: Master List of Coping Skills

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Favorite Coping Skills 

Guide: Music

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Playlist

Guide: Negative Coping Skills

Guide: Using Humor

•Supplemental material: Tongue Twisters

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: What Makes Me Laugh


Worksheet: Depressed Mood
•Worksheet: Depression Feels Like…
•Worksheet: When I Feel Gloomy, I Can…
•Worksheet: When I Feel Low, I Have These Thoughts…


Guide: Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

•Supplemental material: Handout: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset 

Guide: Hope

Guide: Journal Topics

Guide: Risk Factors

Guide: Symptoms of Depression

Guide: What is Holding me Down?

•Supplemental material: Activity: What is Holding me Down?

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: The Importance of “Letting Go” 

♦Eating Disorders + Body Image

•Worksheet: Body Comparisons 

Guide: Secrecy

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Secrets

♦Emotional Awareness

Task Cards: Emotions Card Game

•Task Cards: Emotions Card Game V. 2 

•Task Cards: Feelings

-For teens

•Worksheet: Exploring My Emotions 
•Worksheet: My First Reaction Is Usually To… 
•Worksheet: Other Ways To Say…
•Worksheet: The Emotions I Swallow 
•Worksheet: Today I Feel…
•Worksheet: Trigger-Emotion-Reaction
•Worksheet: Uncomfortable Emotions V. 1
•Worksheet: Uncomfortable Emotions V. 2 


Guide: Avoiding Emotions

Guide: Guess the Emotion

•Supplemental material: Activity: Guess the Emotion 

Guide: Guilt & Shame

•Supplemental material: Handout: Guilt vs. Shame

Guide: Uncomfortable Emotions

•Supplemental material: Icebreaker/Opener 


•Worksheet: 5 Things I Want You To Know About My Family


Guide: “Invisible” Family Rules

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: “Invisible” Family Rules

Guide: Parenting Styles

Guide: The Roles in an Addict’s Family

•Also under “Substance Abuse”


•Worksheet: Category, Goal, Steps
•Worksheet: In 5 Years, I Will… 
Worksheet: My Goal V. 1
•Worksheet: My Goal V. 2 
•Worksheet: My Goal For… 


Guide: A Balanced Life

•Supplemental material: Activity: A Balanced Life

•Supplemental material: Handout: Tips on Finding & Maintaining Balance 

Guide: Goal-Setting

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Goals

♦Grief & Loss

•Worksheet: Grief Reactions
•Worksheet: It’s Okay To…
•Worksheet: My Favorite Memories 
Worksheet: Stages of Grief

•Activity: Traits of the Person I Lost 


Guide: Chain of Events

•Supplemental material: Activity: Chain of Events

Guide: Fearing the Future

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Future Fears

Guide: Feelings

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Grieving Process

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: The Emotions I’ve Felt Throughout The Grieving Process

Guide: Introduction to Grief & Loss

•Supplemental material: Link to Poem

Guide: Letter

•Supplemental material: Activity: Letter

Guide: My Guilt

•Supplemental material: Handout: Feeling Guilt While Grieving

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: I Feel Guilty For…

Guide: Myths About Grief

•Supplemental material: Myths/Misconceptions

•Supplemental material: Handout Version: Myths/Misconceptions

Guide: The Ripple Effects of Loss

•Supplemental material: Activity: The Ripple Effects of Loss

•Supplemental material: Handout: Secondary Losses


•Cards on Mindfulness, Spirituality, & Related Topics

•Cards: What I Take Away From Today/Accomplished/Improved/Struggled With 

•End-Of-The-Week Reflection Questions

•Inspirational/Feel-Good Quotes 

Case Note
•Intervention Documentation
•Therapy/Counseling Homework Assignment for Client

•Worksheet: I Feel, I Need, I Want
Worksheet: I Forgive Myself For… 
•Worksheet: I May… But…
•Worksheet: Medication Log
•Worksheet: New Medication
•Worksheet: Protective Factors
Worksheet: Review of Progress
•Worksheet: Sleep 
•Worksheet: What I’ve Learned & Hope To Learn


Guide: Challenging Stereotypes

Guide: Courage

•Supplemental material: Handout: Quote on Courage 

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Courage

Guide: Empathy

•Supplemental material: Scenarios 

Guide: Internal vs. External Motivation

Guide: Self-Sabotage 

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Self-Sabotage

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Self-Sabotage V. 2 


Worksheet: Clarifying My Boundaries
Worksheet: Past Relationships Have Taught Me…


Guide: Boundaries 

•Supplemental material: Handout: Boundaries

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Boundaries

Guide: How Songs Shape Our Views

Guide: Regaining Lost Trust

•Supplemental material: Handout: Regaining Trust

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Regaining Lost Trust

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: What Does It Mean To Trust Someone?

•Also under “Substance Abuse”

Guide: Should I Stay or Should I Go

•Supplemental material: Handout: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

•Supplemental material: Scenarios 


Worksheet: Meeting My Needs
Worksheet: My Self-Care Plan 


•Task Cards: Self-Esteem

Positive Affirmation Cards

•Self-Love Challenge Cards

•Worksheet: 5 Things… 
•Worksheet: I’m Grateful For… 
•Worksheet: My Top 5 Strengths 
•Worksheet: Practicing Positive Self-Talk
•Worksheet: Reframing Thoughts
•Worksheet: Steps I Can Take to Improve My Self-Esteem 

•Activity: Love Letter to Yourself (Templates)


Guide: Factors that Contribute to Low Self-Esteem

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Self-Esteem

Guide: How to Create a Mantra

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Creating a Mantra

Guide: Inspirational Quotes

•Use this: A Quote To Inspire

Guide: Journal Topics

Guide: Learning From Failure

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Lessons Learned From Failure 

Guide: Note to Each Other

•Supplemental material: Templates 

Guide: Positive Traits

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Positive Traits 

Guide: Self-Esteem Cards

•Supplemental material: Templates 

Guide: Toot Your Horn

•Supplemental material: Link to “Toot Your Horn Worksheet”

Guide: What Animal am I Most Like?


•Worksheet: If I Have The Urge to Self-Harm…


Guide: Emotional Turmoil

•Supplemental material: Handout: Healthier Ways to Cope

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Turmoil vs. Stability

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: The Emotions That Lead Me To Self-Harm

Guide: Timeline

•Supplemental material: Handout: Factors That Lead to Self-Harm

♦Substance Abuse

•Substance Abuse Discussion Cards

•The 12 Steps 
•The 12 Steps (Handout Version) 

•Handout: Serenity Prayer
•Handout: Sobriety Isn’t Owned…

•Worksheet: Addiction & Sobriety Looks Like, Feels Like…
Worksheet: Barrier to Maintaining Sobriety 
Worksheet: Behaviors and Consequences
Worksheet: Changes to Make at Home
•Worksheet: Drinking in Moderation
Worksheet: Instant Gratification & Consequences 
•Worksheet: My Top 5 Relapse Triggers
•Worksheet: Negatives vs. Positives
•Worksheet: Relapse (A Look Back) 
•Worksheet: Relapse Prevention Plan
•Worksheet: Relapse Warning Signs 
•Worksheet: The Hardest Part of Sobriety

•Worksheet: Substance Use Triggers
•Worksheet: Support System Roles 

•Worksheet: What Does Recovery Look Like To You? 
•Worksheet: What Motivates You?
•Worksheet: Where I Am In The Recovery Process
•Worksheet: Withdrawal Symptoms


Guide: Accountability

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Accountability

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: What Does Accountability Mean?

Guide: Consequences

•Supplemental material: Handout: Losing Control

•Supplemental material: Handout: My Consequences

Guide: Developing New Skills 

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Skills

•Supplemental material: Icebreaker/Opener

Guide: Goodbye Letter

•Supplemental material: Activity: Goodbye Letter

Guide: Having Fun Sober

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Having Fun Sober

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Activities I’d Enjoy While Sober

Guide: My Environment

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Environment

Guide: Refusal Skills

•Supplemental material: Handout: Drug/Alcohol Refusal Skills

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Practicing Drug/Alcohol Refusal Skills

•Supplemental material: Role-Play Scenarios

Guide: Regaining Lost Trust 

•Supplemental material: Handout: Regaining Trust

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Regaining Lost Trust

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: What Does It Mean To Trust Someone?

Guide: The Highs and Lows

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: My Highs & Lows

Guide: The Roles in an Addict’s Family

•Also under “Family”

Guide: Unhealthy Thinking

•Supplemental material: Handout: Unhealthy Thinking

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: How I Can Respond to Unhealthy Thinking


Task Cards: Getting to Know You 

-For teens

•Also under “Icebreakers”


•Worksheet: 5 Things I Admire About My Group Members
•Worksheet: 5 Things I Want You To Know About Me
•Worksheet: Areas Where We Can Improve As a Group 

•Worksheet: How I Am Similar To & Different From My Group Members


Guide: Create a Poem

•Supplemental material: Templates 

Guide: Discussion Questions

•Supplemental material: Questions 

Guide: How Can You Relate to…?

Guide: Who in Group?


•Worksheet: Flashbacks 
Worksheet: How I Respond to Trauma
•Worksheet: Trauma & Core Beliefs
•Worksheet: Triggers and Symptoms + Behaviors
•Worksheet: Trigger vs. Original Trauma


Guide: Childhood Sexual Trauma

•Supplemental material: Handout: Childhood Sexual Abuse 

Guide: How Trauma Shapes Our Views 

•Supplemental material: Handout: Resiliency

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: Case Study

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: How Trauma Shapes My Views

Guide: Journal Topics

Guide: Reacting & Responding to Triggers 

•Supplemental material: Handout: How Our Brain is Impacted by Trauma

•Supplemental material: Worksheet: How I React & Respond to Triggers

Guide: Self-Blame

Guide: Symptoms of PTSD

•Supplemental material: Handout: PTSD Symptoms 


Getting to Know You 

-For teens

If You Could…?

My Music Match



Would You Rather…?


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