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Mental health professionals are often consumed by paperwork, individual & group sessions, client crises, phone calls… and more paperwork! My Group Guide is a great tool for those who do not have the time to find worksheets/handouts for their clients, group activities, and other resources. With the material available on My Group Guide, you’ll feel more confident & prepared at work!

Therapy Resources on My Group Guide
For Adults, Teens, & Children
Worksheets & Handouts


Worksheet: Consequences (printable PDF)


Worksheet: How I Respond to Trauma (printable PDF)


Worksheet: My “Inner Critic” (printable PDF)


Misc. Material

-Task cards, icebreakers, & more!

Task Cards: Emotions Card Game
Group Activities (“Guides”)

-On topics such as: anger, anxiety, cognitive distortions, trauma, coping skills, substance abuse, & more

Core Beliefs (Topic: Cognitive Distortions)
Supplemental material: Worksheet: Identifying Our Core Beliefs
Clinician Library

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