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•Task Cards: Anger Management

•Handout: Anger Coping Skills
•Handout: Anger Rules
Handout: Anger= “Umbrella” Emotion

•Worksheet: 3 Things I Can Do To Calm Down
•Worksheet: Angry Behaviors
Worksheet: Communicating Anger
•Worksheet: Handling Anger
•Worksheet: Intervene
•Worksheet: Levels of Anger
•Worksheet: Negative vs. Positive Self-Talk
•Worksheet: Trigger-Response

•Activity: My Anger
•Activity: Riding the Wave


•Handout: Managing Anxiety
•Handout: Remember to Breathe!

•Worksheet: Anxiety Triggers & Coping Skills
•Worksheet: Facing My Fears
Worksheet: How My Body Feels
•Worksheet: I Worry About…
•Worksheet: My “Comfort Zone”
•Worksheet: The “5 Senses” Exercise
Worksheet: What I Can and Cannot Control

♦Cognitive Distortions

•Task Cards: Cognitive Distortions
•Task Cards: Flexible Mindset 

•Handout: Cognitive Distortions 

•Worksheet: Identifying Cognitive Distortions
•Worksheet: Labels
•Worksheet: New Thought + Evidence
•Worksheet: Thought-Emotion
Worksheet: Thought-Emotion-Behavior
•Worksheet: Tracking Thoughts


•Task Cards: Communication Skills
Task Cards: Social Skills

•Handout: Listening Skills

•Worksheet: Compliments
Worksheet: I Struggle to Communicate With…
Worksheet: Introducing Myself
•Worksheet: Listening
•Worksheet: Practicing “I” Statements V. 1
•Worksheet: Practicing “I” Statements V. 2 

♦Conflict-Resolution & Behavior

•Task Cards: Conflict-Resolution
Task Cards: Peer Pressure
•Task Cards: Self-Control

•Handout: Handling Conflict
•Handout: Types of Bullying

•Worksheet: Areas to Work on 
•Worksheet: Behavior-Consequences
Worksheet: Behavior I Need to Work on at Home
•Worksheet: Behavioral Incidents 
•Worksheet: Bullying
•Worksheet: Choice/Solution Pros & Cons
•Worksheet: Conflict-Resolution
•Worksheet: Conflict Scenarios
•Worksheet: De-Escalation
•Worksheet: Instead I Can…
•Worksheet: Problem- Size of the Problem- Solutions
Worksheet: Ways to Handle Bullying

♦Coping Skills

•Task Cards: Mindfulness 

•Coping Skill Cards 

Worksheet: Coping With my Thoughts & Feelings
•Worksheet: Emotions
•Worksheet: How I Can Calm Down & Distract Myself
•Worksheet: List of Coping Skills 

Worksheet: My Support System 
•Worksheet: My Top 3 Coping Skills
•Worksheet: Trigger-Plan-Obstacles

♦Emotional Awareness

Task Cards: Emotions Card Game
•Task Cards: Emotions Card Game V. 2
•Task Cards: Feelings 

•Worksheet: 1 Thing That Makes Me Feel…
•Worksheet: 5 Things That Make Me Feel…
•Worksheet: Exploring My Emotions
•Worksheet: How I Feel and Why
•Worksheet: I Felt This Emotion When…
Worksheet: Right Now I Feel…
•Worksheet: Tracking How I Feel (And Why)
•Worksheet: What Emotion(s) Do You Want to Talk About? 

Worksheet: When I Feel… I Have These Thoughts…


•Worksheet: 5 Things I Want You To Know About My Family
•Worksheet: 5 Words That Describe My Family
•Worksheet: How My Family Has Changed


•Worksheet: Goal & Steps
•Worksheet: My Goal 
•Worksheet: My Goal For… 

♦Grief & Loss

•Worksheet: Adjusting to Change 
•Worksheet: Grief Reactions
•Worksheet: It’s Okay To…
•Worksheet: My Favorite Memories
•Worksheet: What Does “Grief” Mean to You? 

•Activity: Traits of the Person I Lost


•Cards: What I Take Away From Today/Accomplished/Improved/Struggled With 

Therapy/Counseling Homework Assignment for Client 

•Worksheet: 5 Special/Important Things
•Worksheet: All About Me!
•Worksheet: Forgiveness
•Worksheet: Highlight And Lowlight Of My Week
•Worksheet: I Feel, I Need, I Want
•Worksheet: New Medication
•Worksheet: Nightmares
•Worksheet: Positive Experiences
•Worksheet: Rules
•Worksheet: Words & Traits That Describe Me


•Worksheet: Characteristics of a Good Friend
•Worksheet: The Special People in my Life
Worksheet: Trust
•Worksheet: Ways to Make a New Friend


Positive Affirmation Cards

•Worksheet: 5 Things… 
•Worksheet: 5 Things I Love About Myself 
•Worksheet: I am a Superhero
•Worksheet: My Flaws
Worksheet: My “Inner Critic”
•Worksheet: My Positive Traits
•Worksheet: My Top 5 Strengths
Worksheet: Positive Thought About Myself
•Worksheet: Self-Talk
•Worksheet: What Affects My Self-Esteem?
Worksheet: What Makes Me Smile


•Getting to Know You 
•If You Could…? 
•My Music Match
Would You Rather…?


Therapy Resources: Teens & Adults
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