Supplementary Worksheets

For Adults & Teens:

Anger: Consequences (printable PDF)


This worksheet helps clients “connect the dots” and see the consequences of their actions. It also has them brainstorm & identify alternatives/better ways of responding to anger. A good worksheet to use when you are emphasizing that the emotion (anger) is okay, but the behavior (i.e. yelling, abusing alcohol, etc.) may not be!

Cognitive Distortions (printable PDF)


Identification is the first step. Once we identify the cognitive distortion, we can challenge it. We don’t realize how many distorted thoughts we have…

For Children:

How My Body Feels When I’m Anxious (printable PDF)


This worksheet helps children learn the physical symptoms that anxiety can cause. When they are familiar with how anxiety affects them, they are better prepared to turn to their coping skills.

Right Now I Feel… (printable PDF)


Good to use when you’re emphasizing that although some emotions may be more “uncomfortable” than others, it is okay to feel how you feel!

My “Inner Critic” (printable PDF)


This worksheet is for children who struggle with negative self-talk.


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