Supplementary Worksheets

For Adults & Teens:

Self-Care: Meeting My Needs (printable PDF)


Self-care is very important, especially when you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue! This worksheet can help clients better identify & track their self-care needs and how to meet them.

Changes to Make at Home (printable PDF)


This worksheet can help clients who are getting treated for substance abuse (or other issues such as eating disorders, PTSD, etc.) They may have to make several changes to their environment at home to better manage or avoid temptations & triggers.

My Stressors (printable PDF)


We have so many stressors, it’s hard to keep track! This worksheet may be useful to help you and your clients better understand factors contributing to their anxiety & stress…

For Children:

Behavior I Need to Work on at Home (printable PDF)


This worksheet can be helpful to use with children with behavioral problems. It encourages them to identify why their actions are problematic and to brainstorm things they can do to improve.

Positive Thought About Myself (printable PDF)

This worksheet is a self-esteem booster that can be given to children on a weekly basis so they can work on improving positive self-talk.


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