Supplementary Worksheets

For Adults & Teens:

Tracking Thoughts

This thought log allows clients to practice their CBT skills and track how their thoughts affect their emotions & behaviors. It also encourages them to track triggers and brainstorm ways they can challenge their irrational thoughts.

The “5 Senses” Exercise

This worksheet is especially helpful for those who struggle with panic attacks or get “stuck” in their thoughts. I really like the “5 senses” exercise because it brings you back to the present moment (we tend to get lost in the past/future!)

For Children:

Ways to Handle Bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is a huge problem. This worksheet helps children explore how they can handle situations in which they are being bullied.

My Support System

If you are explaining to children what a “support system” is, this worksheet may be a helpful visual/worksheet that they can fill out.


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