My journey as a social worker: The struggle is real

It all started when college graduation was inching closer and closer, and I realized, “Holy crap. I need a career!”


I have a bachelor’s degree in political science. What the heck am I gonna do with that?


Get involved in politics? Go to law school?


No worries! I have an awesome idea. I’ll go to graduate school and become a social worker!


My friends and family might be like…


But I’m all


Because I’ll be helping people, and that’s a good thing. Sure, I won’t make a lot of money. But who needs money, amirite?


So now I’m a social worker. Yippee! Let’s look for a job…




Awww yissss. After months of searching, I finally get a job. It’s at a mental health center. Cool.


The first week I’m like


But by week 2 I’m like


And when I get my first paycheck I’m just…


And my clients are making me feel…


But I power through it. I run my groups. I make the phone calls. I get my paperwork done.


…. And then I get more paperwork


And a client crisis to deal with…


For which I get yelled at by office staff


But I do my job because you gotta move forward! I even take some time to practice self-care


And I tell my clients some therapeutic things…


Even though they might not always listen


What can I say? That’s the life of a social worker!


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