Life as a Group Therapist, as Told by Game of Thrones

In group therapy, you’ll always find a diverse bunch. You have the group members who are afraid to show any hint of emotion,

and the ones who think that group therapy is stupid.

You have the jokesters,

and the ones who are simply embarrassed to be in therapy.

You discuss a bunch of topics, like guilt and

and grief & loss.


You teach your group members about honesty,

the importance of trust,

and about love & relationships.

Your group members explore their strengths,

and you tackle their denial.

When group members are hopeless and think things can’t possibly be any worse, you make them feel better.

When the adolescents you work with believe things will get easier as adults, you’re just…

because you know that adulthood is really…

Sometimes, all is well and the group members get along. Other times, things can get a little tense & they’re all


Some of the cat fights among group members are actually pretty entertaining.

But yeah, more often than not, facilitating groups is pretty hard. Sometimes, the group members turn on you, and it just feels like…

When the group members are feeling low, group can get pretty gloomy, but you do your best to cheer them up.

It usually doesn’t work, so you’re just thinking…

But you come to really care about your group members & their well-being. When you check in on the teens and ask if they’ve been drinking or doing drugs, they’re like

and when they admit that they’ve been partying “a little” & hanging around with their old pals, they promise

but you’re just…

because you know they’ve been

And when you ask them why their drug tests came back positive a few days later, they’re like

When you push them more & more and tell them to just admit the truth, they’re like

And just when things settle down & you’re starting to believe you’re doing a good job, your group members go

Sometimes, they can be a little disrespectful. You try not to be seen as the “teacher”, but when your group members don’t listen to you, you just want to be like…

because you’re the boss, yo. So when they whine about an activity and say, “No writing!” you’re all

Sooo for those facilitating a group in the near future…

And for those who don’t get this post…


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